Understanding Medicare

Did you know that if you have Original Medicare only, there is no limit to your out-of-pocket expenses? Original Medicare covers only about 80% of your medical and hospital expenses, leaving you responsible for paying the other 20%. This can really add up. But with a Medicare Advantage plan, you get protection from surprise expenses with an out-of-pocket limit on what you have to pay. That gives you the peace of mind of knowing the most you will have to pay each year with your plan.

Blue Advantage vs. Original Medicare

  Original Medicare Blue Advantage
Doctor Visits    
Hospital Stays    
Prescription Drugs Not Included  
Routine Dental Not Included  
Routine Vision Not Included  
Routine Hearing Not Included  
Fitness/Gym Membership Not Included  
Out-of-Pocket Protection Not Included  
Over-the-Counter Health-Related Products Not Included  
Online Primary Care Not Included  
Flex Card Not Included