Breast Cancer Awareness

Breasts can change as you age. Making sure you stay on top of your health is an important investment in yourself. With Blue Advantage (HMO) | Blue Advantage (PPO), you can get your annual breast cancer screening at no cost to you.

Today’s high-tech screenings (like mammograms) are some of the best tools to find any issues before symptoms even appear. Also, early detection can offer the best options for successful treatment.

So, don’t wait. Now is always the best time to dedicate to your health! Contact your Primary Care Provider today to help set up your no cost breast screening and to discuss any changes in your breasts.

Have questions? Call the number on the back of your Member ID card, and Blue Advantage team members are ready to help.

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Don’t forget! You can receive up to $50 in rewards just by taking preventive actions to maintain and improve your health. Learn more about our Member Rewards Program and other health and wellness discounts available to our members by clicking the button below.

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